What is the best way to store confections?
Because cupcakes are made without preservatives, they are best the day they are received, when they are at their freshest.  Cupcakes are best stored covered away from direct sunlight at room temperature (approximately 75-78 degrees). Exposure to air and refrigeration will dry out the cake.

Cupcakes, when properly stored, are best eaten within three days. 

Fondant, edible images and colors are also vulnerable to storage methods. Light, especially sunlight will cause discoloration and fading. Condensation from refrigeration may cause colors to bleed and fondant to soften and lose shape.  Sealed, airtight storage may cause decor to pull moisture from confections, affecting shape and color.

Baking Cookies, Cupcakes and Cake Pops for the Coachella Valley communities of Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, La Quinta, Bermuda Dunes and Indio

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Celebrate your next event or special occasion with moist decadent cupcakes.         

Cupcakes are baked fresh from scratch in small batches using quality ingredients and topped with a silky buttercream frosting.   Recipes used are Shortened cake, which contain butter or oil to create moist, flavorful cake.                 

Cupcakes make for a perfect portion of cake, no cutting required. No worries over finding someone to cut the cake or pay the venue staff to cut and serve. Plates and forks are not needed to eat, making cupcakes more convenient.   Would you like something more kid size friendly or a one bite cupcake for a party? Cupcakes are available in two sizes, regular and min

One frosting flavor and color selection per dozen. One cake flavor per dozen.

Minimum cupcake order for regular size is 1 dozen, mini size is 2 dozen.   


Cupcakes may be customized to your theme with toppers made from fondant, royal icing or chocolate.

Prices increase as designs become more complex, have more colors, require more skill, and are more time-consuming.

Deluxe regular size cupcakes start at $40 per dozen.


Cupcakes are available in Chocolate,

Vanilla and Red Velvet.

Topped with a silky buttercream frosting. Frosting flavors are Chocolate, Vanilla and Cream Cheese.  

Price for regular size cupcakes are $30 per dozen.

Price for mini cupcakes are $24 per dozen.

Cupcakes in La Quinta/Palm Desert California.


Cupcakes may also be personalized with your logo or photograph.  Digital images are printed on a special frosting paper with edible ink.

Adding your logo to cupcakes is a unique marketing strategy for your company to standout. A great way to show your client appreciation or handout to potential clients at a corporate event. Photograph cupcakes are a memorable way to celebrate someone or something, like a life retrospective or special trip. 


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