Baking Cookies, Cupcakes and Cake Pops for the Coachella Valley communities of Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, La Quinta, Bermuda Dunes and Indio

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Cookies, Cupcakes, Cake Pops in La Quinta/Palm Desert California.

  • Custom cookies, cupcakes and cake pops appealing to the eyes and the taste.
  • Couture confections are a perfect addition to your dessert table, as a unique party favor or a just because treat. 


Birthday, Wedding, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, Anniversary, Retirement, Corporate Event, Business Promotion, Holiday Party, Graduation, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Team/Group Event, Seasonal Gesture, Housewarming, Baptism, Thank you, Cheer Up, Congratulations and Announcements (Engagement, Pregnancy and Gender Reveal to name a few).

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Then word spread about a Cottage Food Operation bill being worked on, which would allow certain foods to be prepared from home kitchens. The law has several limitations: finished products must not require refrigeration (no cream cheese frosting or cheesecake), direct sales only (no shipping) and sales caps (annual sales may not exceed $50,000).  While these limitations do impact me, maybe after a few years these limits will be removed (fingers crossed).  A glimmer of hope shone onto my dream. For the next couple of years I experimented with recipes to find the absolute best.  Fifteen

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Looking for something special for your next event? Something to fit your theme or personality?

At Brandi's Little Bakery, cookies, cupcakes and cake pops are designed specifically for each client.  

Create edible art for your special occasion.

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  • Every cookie, cupcake and cake pop is handmade and fresh to order in small batches from quality ingredients without the use of preservatives.
  • Classic flavors are always delicious and consistently popular. 

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I began making treats for birthdays and holidays. Looking at pictures, reading tutorials and experimenting with techniques quickly became my go to free time activity.  I received compliments on my cookies, cupcakes and cake pops, for they were both appealing to the eyes and taste. I thought maybe this is something I should pursue.  Not only can I do something I genuinely enjoy, but I can also make money doing it.  After some research I discovered a food business could not be operated from a home kitchen, it must be operated from a commercial kitchen location.  Unless I could produce the capital to lease a space for a commercial kitchen, I was going to have to keep my day job and continue my baking as a hobby. I was happy to make family and friends birthday cakes. I entered (and won) cakes into the county fair.  I was offered the opportunity to submit a cake for a theme section of a cake magazine. Being notified my submission was selected was a great feeling.

When you shop at Brandi's Little Bakery you are supporting small business and helping your community economy.

Permitted by the County of Riverside Department of Environmental Health as a Cottage Food Operation PR0067395. 

My enjoyment for confections began at an early age. For my first birthday I was given a smash cake. I quickly developed a love for vanilla cake. My mother told me as a toddler I would take a bag of cookies and a tub of butter and frost each cookie then place them in rows. Maybe this was the first sign of my desire to decorate confections.  I certainly loved to eat them. I remember running to the bakery display to pick the cupcake with the most frosting. Slowly eating it, walking along aside my mother while she grocery shopped.  While at the laundromat, waiting for the clothes to finish, enjoying a soft chocolate chip cookie from the restaurant next door.

At some point I began to actually bake in addition to consuming baked goods.  I just loved slicing the roll of premade cookie dough, of course eating loads of raw dough. Who knew raw cookie dough was equally as tasty?  Then my world opened up when I discovered box cake mix and a chocolate chip cookie recipe. The ability to make sweet treats myself for any reason was rather exciting. It was pure joy when I discovered sugar cookies decorated with frosting.

Making cookies, fudge and bread for family, friends and business contacts during the holidays began with a few hours on a Sunday then grew to the entire weekend of mixing, baking and plating.  It was a labor of love. Even though it could be overly time consuming and stressful when the sleep deprivation kicks in; the feeling of accomplishment for having created these yummy goodies was worth it.

different white vanilla cake recipes, several chocolate chip recipes, even trying "to be one" with my oven because no one likes burned cookies.  I setup the nook off my kitchen to be my baking suite and have been checking off the "To Do's" of opening a business.  I have also spent a considerable amount of time deciding what I am going to sale.  As much as I love decorating cakes, I just do not have the time needed to properly execute a cake while continuing to work full time.  With cookies, cupcakes and cake pops, they are made in stages and decorations can be made in advance. This allows me to spread the baking and decorating over multiple evenings after work. Cakes need to be done all at once, for a cake due on Saturday, I would need a day and half prior to assemble and decorate (at least, depending on design).  While I love the look of a tiered cake or a beautifully designed cake, my ooh's and aah's are with favors and dessert tables of cookies, cupcakes and cake pops.

When I am not crunching numbers during the day or decorating with sugar, I enjoy spending time with my husband (aka confection quality control) and our fur kids.  

Brandi's Little Bakery is an artisan bakery offering classic, home-style cookies, cupcakes and cake pops.  Confections reminiscent of good times made by someone special.  Enjoying the simple pleasure of a moist vanilla cupcake with frosting or an iced sugar cookie.  

KISS: Keep It Simple Sweetie - When Less is More.  The recipe's used at Brandi's Little Bakery are a perfect balance of taste, texture and moisture.  A great chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting stands on its own without the need for being dressed up with sauces and toppings.

When you want homemade, but do not have the time.  Brandi's Little Bakery cookies, cupcakes and cake pops are made from scratch, no premade doughs, frostings or boxed mixes.

You get what you pay for. You may be able to get less expensive cookies, cupcakes and cake pops elsewhere, but what are you sacrificing to do so?  Cheaper usually means lesser quality ingredients and added preservatives for a longer shelf life.  Lesser quality products will also reflect as such in taste and texture. To maintain a low price point, confections are mass produced, reducing the decorating time, which limits custom designs (or custom options are not available).   

Brandi's Little Bakery handcrafts cookies, cupcakes and cake pops customized to represent the colors and theme of your event.  You are not limited by color options or design templates. Using a myriad of techniques and mediums, the decorating possibilities are endless.    

Brandi's Little Bakery cookies, cupcakes and cake pops are more than "just cupcakes", "just cookies" or "just cake pops", they are edible works of art, requiring skill, artistry and attention to detail. Custom creations entail more time and may take days to complete. Cookies, cupcakes and cake pops can be decorated to resemble invitations and frosting can be made to coordinate fabric color.   

At Brandi's Little Bakery you will have one person to work with, from start to finish.  I will answer your questions, take your order, sketch designs, make batter/dough, bake, make frosting/icing, decorate, package and deliver.